Asthetic Astrology Mood Board by Studio Mary Sue

Aesthetic Astrology Mood Boards- A Visual Guide to YOU

Even though I have been studying astrology for decades, I recently had my chart read.

It was a really enlightening experience that lead me to explore all of the avenues in which I express those qualities in life.

At that point, I had been going through a big shift.

It felt like something totally new and completely different was on the horizon.

I could feel what it was, but couldn't conceptualize it yet.

So, I sat in the ethers and waited.

I waited and I played.

I searched all of the things I felt connected with and felt into them..."was THIS it?"


Chocolate making, cheese boards, sewing, painting...this intense desire to create something beautiful.

You can see the MC Taurus & heavy Venus placements in my love of entertaining (plenty of blogs about that!) and cooking.

Venus placements also come through in the products I make- I LOVE making things look pretty.


All of this exploration lead me to create Aesthetic Astrology Mood Boards.

What started as an idea to bridge the gap between branding and astrology and use it as a launch point for personal branding morphed into something WAY more.

The more charts I did for clients, the more I realized it was less about branding and more about permission.

It was more about being SEEN for who they really were inside.

The person they are without the societal conditioning, the shrinking for others' comfort, all of the "shoulds" and the "shoudn'ts".

Just their core essence, visualized.


So many of us have felt like we were "too much" and have been told to tone it down, leaving us feeling embarrassed or ashamed for just, IDK, being who we came here to be.


There's something magical that happens when an outside source reflects something back to you that you have kept hidden.


It can feel liberating, validating, exciting and freeing.

A permission slip from the universe that there isn't anything wrong with you, you don't need to do anything other than live it out in the most embodied and authentic way.

And that's why I absolutely LOVE offering this service.

It never gets old.

It always feels sacred.

Its always exciting to be in the energy of it.


You can book yours by sending me a DM on instagram @studiomarysue





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