Full Moon Ritual Cheese & Charcuterie Board

Full Moon Ritual Cheese & Charcuterie Board

Full Moon Cheese & Charcuterie Board with Amethyst Crystal, Raw Honey, Mimolette Cheese, Humbolt Fog Cheese

The Cheese Witch will see you now.

While everyone else has been spending their time writing down intentions, what they want to manifest, etc...

I've been eating...


And honey (from my hives).

This method just *works* for me.

If you have a lot of Earth elements in your birth chart or strong Venus placements, you may feel called to it, too!

As much as I love to write and explore my desires in that physical representation, nothing works as well or feels as right as feeding my body, which in turn, feeds my spirit.

To me, both cheese and honey represent the alchemical process of turning mundane into magic.

.. humble, simple ingredients into something otherworldly; transformed.

Nothing makes me feel abundantly present and connected to the earth like cheese and honey- they're like the earth in concentrated form if you really stop and think about it.



As I am creating my board, I am thinking about all of the things I want to experience in life.

I personally don't have "goals" because I know that life is way cooler and wilder than my own limited perception here, so why block it and box it in?

Instead, I focus on feeling.

I infuse all of that intention into what I am creating; as I am cutting, arranging, decorating and of course enjoying.

Sometimes I take it a step further and "charge" my honey under a new moon with my intentions and then put it on my board during the full moon.



People get a little caught up in this part, thinking "ritual" needs to be ceremonious, somber, proper.


Ritual is literally just holding space for an intention, the how is entirely up to you.

Do you like having set rules to follow step by step, or certain elements that must be present (herbs, candles, colors, etc)?


Work with that and develop a system that you can follow.

Does routine give you hives and make you immediately put the walls up?


Go with your gut and be guided by the moment! There is no need to make it feel stressful or like it needs to look a certain way because other folks do it like tha

For me, I love beauty, enjoyment, gathering and being present so much that I took all of that and created a ritual for myself that reinforces all of those feelings and amplifies them.

I hope that you are able to connect to whatever pulls on your heart strings and design a little space around doing MORE of that as often as you can!

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