Virgo Season : Cultivating the Alchemist Within & Harnessing Boss Witch Energy

Virgo Season : Cultivating the Alchemist Within & Harnessing Boss Witch Energy

As your resident Virgo, its my duty to usher you into the season that, in my opinion, is home to one of the most misunderstood signs.

The pop-culture Virgo is portrayed as nit-picky, stubborn, clean-freak, rigid, prudish...basically just a critical bore that everyone hates because they assume they are being judged or criticized at all times around them.

Well, while those qualities CAN be associated with the sign, there are also other attributes that are rather magical and alchemical that don't get the press the way the negative ones do.

Virgo is a mutable sign coming at the end of summer and edging into fall, its energy that can easily flow and change just like the season.

The last of the first 6 signs, Virgo takes all of the energies from Aries to Leo, filters them and helps to transmute them into the physical realm so we can use them in the collective in the next 6 signs.


Virgo Season is asking us to rise up and meet our highest self and is a great time for:

-decluttering: inboxes, closets, undie drawers, junk drawers....what thoughts/ feelings/ things have you stuffed into dusty ole corners in hope of forgetting or dealing with later? Clear it out to make room. We can't create new or welcome new when our physical surroundings are cluttered.

-purging: clothing that you hope will fit one day? Keeping things because of guilt? Things that are broke or clothes that make you feel less than a magical electric hamburger? Nope. Give it the axe and feel the freedom that comes with cutting ties with what you don't need. We just gave away 3/4 of our belongings moving x-country and while it was hard at first, it became so liberating to be free of so much stuff we never liked, used, or wanted.

-discernment: Virgo season wants us to focus on cultivating what is best FOR US and being unapologetic about cutting out what isn't. Where is our energy leaking? Where have we said "yes" when we should have said "no"? What no longer feels aligned? There is power in deeply knowing ourselves and advocating for those needs. We can't show up to serve with an empty cup.

-wellness: Virgo rules the 6th house of health & routine, Virgo also rules much of the digestive system so this is a great time to get in touch with your body- Virgo is an Earth sign after all. How does the food you're eating make you feel? Do you notice digestive upset? What small habit can you incorporate daily, like drinking more water or buying a few more groceries from local farms?

-excellence: Michael Jackson, Beyonce....VIRGOS. They excel at their craft and comb over their performance and technique with a fine tooth comb because they wanted to create the BEST possible art they could. While you may not identify with being an artist, you can still tap into bringing forth your absolute best in just one area of your life....maybe you make the BEST rainbow sprinkle cake? HECK YES... that is excellence. Looking back at Discernment, excellence is also highly individual.

Much like the honey bee takes the fleeting gifts of nectar and pollen, turning them into liquid gold, so does Virgo season; harvesting truth, knowledge, purity of intent all for the betterment of self and the collective. 

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