Gifting Made Easy- Grab And Go Gift Boxes!

Gifting Made Easy- Grab And Go Gift Boxes!

It feels like collectively, everyone decided that the Holidays started November 1st this year. Typically, I like to wait, but its 2020 and there are no more rules. You want holiday decor in October? Baby, you go and do what makes you happy!

Speaking of happy, how much do you love to gift wrap?

You don't?!

It makes you want to drop kick the roll of paper across the room?

Well, don't worry...I actually love to wrap and I've got you, especially since so many of us will be shipping gifts this year I figured I would make it as easy and beautiful as possible to send a really awesome gift set that is already wrapped up and ready to ship n' give.

Ok, well not literally wrapped in paper.

Our gift boxes are classic natural kraft paper and filled with black crinkle (all made from recycled materials AND recyclable themselves) and after the products have been added, they're adorned with smol lil bottle brush trees, reindeer moss, pine

cones and plenty of other natural elements.


Not sure what to give? Or if your items will fit inside the box?

Well, we happen to have a handy chat feature that is perfect for things like this and yes, its actually me who will be helping you!

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