Butter Boards- Fun Trend or Greasy Mess?

Butter Boards- Fun Trend or Greasy Mess?

As a kid, my mom often found me on the kitchen counter eating a stick of butter, so its pretty safe to assume where I land on the Butter Board trend. But, I get why people may get the icks....they are messy and saucy, but what fun stuff in life isn't?!

For mine, I made a compound butter (which is a fancy way of saying herb butter) with whatever herbs the unrelenting Texas sun did not claim as its victim.

The other side had honey butter with honey from my own hives (thanks girls!)- preface on honey from a beekeeper.... the stuff you buy in the store is BULL SHIT and cut with corn syrup.

Make sure you find the real deal from your local beekeeper- raw, unfiltered, untreated.

Garnish with some preserves, crunchy pollen, herbs (I used dill) and serve with whatever bread you like- we got ours from Sour Duck in Austin.

Happy slathering!!

PS- check out my butter board in action HERE

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