Want to attract more of the life & biz you want? Dress for your astrology!

Want to attract more of the life & biz you want? Dress for your astrology!

In doing hundreds of charts for people, one of the most common themes I see come up is that we often repress the very energetic qualities we came here to express.

We often feel "too much" and have been told to tone something down for the comfort of someone else.

Hear that enough and you'll subconsciously start doing exactly that.

Take me for example!

As a kid, I went to Catholic school and had to wear a uniform so choosing my clothing was extra special to me at even a young age.

The biggest patterns, the boldest colors (NEON!!) and the loudest color combos just made my heart siiiiiing halle-freakin-lujah all the live long day.

I mean, it makes sense given that I am a Leo rising and Leo Venus; big, bold style and being extra is just in my blood but my Virgo sun and Capricorn moon feel a little uneasy with it. They'd rather be waiting in the wings and helping someone else in the spot light.

I've gone through phases where I dressed very colorfully, very boldly- and those were often the times that I felt most at home in myself and the best opportunites and experiences just appeared out of nowhere.

But there was still a bit of internalized shame- "You should dress more like an adult", "Why can't you just wear something 'normal'?", "Do you really want to draw *that* much attention to you?"

So, I started dressing monochromatic in all black.

Now, don't be fooled by how much I love glitter and color and shopping in the Target kid's department because I am goth at heart.

Goth girls with impeccable make-up and different textures of black clothing who never seem to break that style for anything? SIGN ME UP. To me, even thought its "extra", it still feels chic & cool.

This aesthetic is definitely a part of my chart (Cap moon, Scorpio Mars/ Jupiter/ IC) but those energies are not easily accessed and not a part of my Venus, AC or MC...all very pubic, easily accessed energies.

Embodying the energetics of your chart is like a fast track to signaling to the people you want to connect with that you're here and ready.

It helps connect you with the people who get you and love you for you (and don't want you to tone it down so they feel better about themselves).

So....how can you do that?

-Look to your Venus sign to give you clues on how to adorn your body.
-Look to your rising for the energetic qualities your soul wants to express in this lifetime.
-Look to your Mid Heaven to understand the energies that you naturally give off without saying a word.
Don't fight what wants to be expressed!

Take a little time this weekend to develop a glamour ritual that helps you embody the very things you want to put out into the world, and watch the way things start to shift ❤



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