Creative Alchemy- What is It?

Creative Alchemy- What is It?

Ever since we were young, we have been asked "What do you want to be?" and the answer was always expected to be singular; a doctor, a firefighter... but what if your calling is multi-faceted; a skilled creative investigator who is always experimenting?

If you're here, I am guessing that is you- its me, too.

Its why I have never been able to give myself an "elevator pitch" to give people when they ask the dreaded question "What do you do?"

What I do is create & make beautiful things that connect to and inspire people.

The method of how we arrive there is what changes, but the result stays the same.

One day it might be copy writing for a brand's website.

Another it could be conceptualizing a client's party.

The next could be styling sets, photos, a store.

This goes against the conventional wisdom of modern creativity and business, which is to be ONE thing and ONE thing only.

When, truly we were meant to be a Swiss Army knife of inspiration, letting it pour out in different ways for different people.

What are your favorite creative qualities about yourself?

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