Adoption Party & Dog Birthday Celebration

Adoption Party & Dog Birthday Celebration

Every Thanksgiving, we celebrate our dog Finley's adoption. Since we don't know his actual birthday, we decided to make one.

We had a dog-friendly layered cake, little pup cakes filled with pumpkin, oatmeal cookies and plenty of kisses.

A mini painted portrait of our boy was the perfect, personal touch (painted by Blasse Lou).

While we opted to make our own dog-friendly treats, we can't say enough good things about Treat Diva if you're not feeling particularly domesticated in the kitchen (I mean, your dog probably won't care if it isn't your best work, but we get it!).

Trish makes all of her treats from scratch, fresh, with REAL ingredients.

You know, the GOOD stuff every pet deserves...especially on their special day.


Pet Adoption Party, Cake Topper, Decor & Styling by Studio Mary Sue

Pet adoption party, Dog birthday party, Studio Mary Sue

Dog Adoption Party, Pet Portrait by Blasse Lou, Decor by Studio Mary Sue


Pet adoption birthday treats studio mary sue


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