Tips to Create a Cozy Thanksgiving Farmhouse Tablescape from a Former Award-Winning Retailer

Tips to Create a Cozy Thanksgiving Farmhouse Tablescape from a Former Award-Winning Retailer


Maybe its the fact we're all hunkered down due to COVID, but I wanted to get into some cozy vibes that made me feel, well, I guess the concept of hygge fits perfectly.

So, we loaded up the barn and had a little fun creating some inspirational content for Thanksgiving 2020.

When I owned my store, tablescapes were always a topic of conversation and people were just not feeling confident putting it all together, so these are some of my top tips on how to create some FUNCTIONAL style this Thanksgiving.

1) UNSCENTED CANDLES. I know, not technically a decorating tip, but trust me when I say that no one wants to smell the apple-cinnamon candle you found at TJ Maxx while they're eating mashed potatoes. We all love the ambiance of candle light (some may argue I am a lil obsessed), so don't skimp there, just on the fragrance.

2) CHOOSE YOUR LINENS. Are you going for a solid table cloth? Great! You can be a little more bold with patterned napkins, plates and glassware. I personally like to choose neutral tablecloths and have fun letting my decor pieces be the focal point, but you can also choose a patterned tablecloth and opt for solid napkins, plates and glasses, too.

3) BLEND, NOT MATCH. Remember those bathroom sets from JC Penny that had matching shower curtains, bath mats, towels, and soap dispensers? While a set makes it easy, it also makes it boring and doesn't allow your personality to show through. When choosing colors, its best to blend NOT match. Think paint swatches- you can pick 1-3 colors from the swatch and they look great without being predictable.

4) HAVE FUN!!!!! I'll never forget one year at my store that someone came in the day before Thanksgiving and literally had a meltdown over finding the perfect centerpiece; they were SO distraught they were crying. Gosh, I hope you never feel that kind of perfectionism pressure.

Is having nice decor, well, nice?


Is it fun to do?

Also yes!

Are your guests going to judge you if its not up to their standards?

I freaking hope not!

And if they do, guess what... that says a lot more about them than you welcoming them into your home.

5) SET UP YOUR BAR BEFORE GUESTS ARRIVE. We use an old ice box as our barn bar and the drapery behind it gives it a nice anchoring point. But, the best part is that its all set up and ready when people arrive- there is no slicing of lemons, fishing around in the cabinets...its done.

6) FRESH FLORAL. Look, I don't care if you bring some potted mums inside- do it! Having fresh floral around just bring life into a space like nothing else. A single flower in a bud vase in the bathroom or a lush centerpiece on the table- no matter how you choose, you can't go wrong with fresh.


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