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Deja Vu Foundry

Witch in the Woods Limited Edition Atmospheric Room Spray

Witch in the Woods Limited Edition Atmospheric Room Spray

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Inspired by the final scene in the movie The Witch...

This scent is all about living deliciously (and apparently naked around a fire!) and my take on classic "fall harvest" fragrances...

Not too sweet, not too spicy, not too apple-y or pumpkin-y.

But, real-deal, heavy-as-heck iron cauldron filled with magic, aromatic herbs, slices of juicy apple, a pinch of dirt all enveloped by the crisp night air set ablaze by the dull roar of a camp fire.

Fall fruits
Dry grass
Camp fire
Fresh, cold air


Deja Vu Foundry Mists: Water, alcohol, natural and/ or perfume-grade fragrance oil

100% Soy Wax candles are clean-burning, biodegradable, and natural.

Renewable, vegan, and non-toxic.

The wood wick is eco-friendly and made from FSC Certified Wood, hand-crafted + and made in the USA.


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